Visit St Martin de Londres, Hérault, south of France

Visit Saint Martin de Londres from the cottages “A l’ombre d’un olivier”

30 km from the cottages “A l’ombre d’un olivier” 34160 Montaud. Saint Martin de Londres is a charming small village located about 20 km from Montpellier. It is a typical medieval village of Languedoc Roussillon.

Have a drink in the central square of the village

You can stop, drink a coffee or a a well deserved refreshment in the shade of the centuries-old plane trees, after strolling through the alleys with stone houses and colorful shutters. And all this far from mass tourism.

It is a discovery of the historic and typical Hérault

You should not miss the church of St Martin de Londres, which is Roman art and which dates from Charlemagne. It was built in the 12th century by the monks of Gellone Abbey, located in St Guilhem le désert. During the hundred years war, in the 15th century, another city wall was built and then destroyed. However, one can still admire today the clock tower, which served in the 18th century as a prison and watchtower.


You can discover the ravine of arches, the village St Guilhem le désert (medieval village in the road of St Jacques de Compostelle). You can also go canoeing or swimming at the devil’s bridge, another magnificent site.

Back to the cottages “ In the shade of an olive tree” 34160 Montaud

When you return home tired from your day, under the sun of south of France, you can take a well deserves and refreshing rest by the pool with the song of the cicadas to rock you.