The Sommières market

Hérault market and therefore the south of France takes place on Saturday morning all year round. The Sommières market is a market in the colors of the Mediterranean. The Sommières market extends in all the medieval streets, alleys and alleys of Sommières, within the fortified town but also outside, along the Vidourle with all its stalls full of vegetables, clothes, colorful spices. So there are local food products, clothing and other decorative items, soaps but also on the flea market, flea market items. The flea market is held on the esplanade and to get there, you walk along the Vidourle, towards the arenas. It’s a very nice walk by the water. Of course, you can stop there for a coffee or a glass of local white wine at the many coffee terraces. In addition, on the Sommières market square, you can buy local products and sit down to taste them on the café terraces with a glass of chilled white wine. In fact, the conviviality is there. Indeed, the tables are common and you can meet many tourists but also the inhabitants of the region. It’s time for sharing, drinks and welcome rest after all these strolls along the stalls.

In summer, on Wednesday evening, the Sommières market becomes nocturnal and artisanal

And yes, here is a very pleasant evening in perspective under the plane trees.

Every Monday in the summer

Sommières produces the “summers”. This “summer” event allows us to meet local wine and food producers. For this, tables are installed to make the most of these tastings. And we do it to the music of a different orchestra each time. So don’t miss it!