Take a walk to the Salagou lake

Lac du Salagou is an artificial lake created at the end of 1960 for crop irrigation. It is located in the center of the Hérault department, on the “Salagou” river which itself is a tributary of the Lergue; La Lergue flows into the Hérault. The panorama is magnificent: the lake is in the middle of red and arid rocks. The name given to these rocks is “Ruffes” (fine sandstone containing iron oxides which give it this red color). The Lac du Salagou borders Mont Liausson to the north, from which there is a magnificent view of the villages and the lake. To the South is the Cirque de Mourèze (535 meters), a magical place not to be missed and which will be the subject of another article on this blog. Several nautical bases make it possible to sail on the lake of Salagou thanks to the rental of canoes, catamarans, paddles and others.

Salagou lake

Measuring 7 km long, it has an area of ​​750 hectares, has a perimeter of 28 km, an altitude of 139 meters, a depth of 4 to 45 meters and a capacity of 125 million m3. There are common carp fishing there. Around the lake of Salagou, there are olive trees which give the delicious Lucca olive, vines, honey.

You can go around the Salagou lake

By bike, mountain bike, horse, hiking. You will find rental companies at nautical bases. We toured Lake Salagou by electric bike: 50 km under a blazing sun with swimming. We had lunch in a very nice tavern: the “nautical relay tavern” also open in the evening and which organizes concerts, rents pedalos, canoes and paddles. It is located in Octon (34800) tel: 06 13 13 64 46. The staff is very friendly, the prices reasonable and the location beautiful.

So if you want to have a wonderful day

In a unique place, whether you are a sportsman or a lazy follower, do not hesitate to go to Lake Salagou. From the lodgings “In the shade of an olive tree” in Montaud, take the direction of Clermont l’Hérault and in an hour by car, you will be able to take full advantage of this site.

When you come back

At the lodgings “In the shade of an olive tree”, you can enjoy the comfort of your accommodation or lounge on the deckchairs by the pool while listening to the song of the cicadas.