Take a walk to St Hyppolite du Fort and St Roman de Codières

The village of St Hyppolite-du-Fort is 38 km from the cottages “A shade a olive tree”. It is a village located in the magnificent cirque of the foothills of the Cévennes, country of chestnut trees and vineyards. St Hyppolite du Fort is crossed by the Vidourle, a river with well-known whims. In fact, water is omnipresent in St Hyppolite du Fort: there are 13 fountains. And the 22 sundials further add to its charm. The fort was built during the reign of Louis XIV on the Vauban model. François Ferry erected it in order to monitor the city’s Protestants. In addition, there is one of the largest temples in France which has a German organ and 2 bell towers.

In St Hyppolite du fort

You can visit the silk museum and move around to contemplate the 13 fountains. The collection of fountains is done by a circular construction at the top of which is a dome. It is on the bank of the Vidourle that you can admire it. It is the starting point for the fountains of St Hyppolite du Fort. We can also see 22 sundials out of fifty existing. Stone houses have doors dating from the 17th and 18th century. Visit the old viaduct, the St Jean tower, the mills, the Grave castle. Louis Pasteur came to St Hyppolite du Fort to do research on the pébine, a disease which decimated silkworms. He was the savior.

Leaving St Hyppolite du Fort

On the road to Cros, there is a paradise bathing place. A transparent basin of water fed by a waterfall below the road. And when you venture on the bank, a little further upstream, you arrive in a magical place, under the trees, peaceful, green and shaded.

ST Roman de Codières

Then we head to the village of St Roman de Codières. This small village is perched with an extraordinary view of the Cévennes.

In St Roman de Codières

We have lunch on a terrace with this magnificent view. The restaurant is called “La Tour” because it is actually located in an old tower. It is worth the detour and the climb. The food is simple but good. So here is an hour-long ride (about 55k) from the lodgings “In the shade of an olive tree”. It takes us into a totally exotic mountain landscape. There are walking tours for walkers with breathtaking panoramas. On your return, the dip in the swimming pool “In the shade of an olive tree” and the well-deserved rest on a deckchair with a comfortable mattress ends the day at best.