Take a walk to Les Matelles from the cottages

Les Matelles is at the foot of Pic St Loup, renowned for its wines and its ascent. Les Matelles is 18 km and 17 minutes by car from the cottages “A shade a olive tree” in Montaud.

Short story

Les Matelles was originally owned by the Lords of Montferrand whose castle is located near St Mathieu de Tréviers. We can also visit it. The Lirou is the river that crosses Les Matelles and the village is built on its banks. Sometimes, we find its resurgence which joins the Le Lez river, in a cave which is located above the village.


You have to explore this restored stone village, walk through its authentic alleys, full of history, follow its ramparts. Because you will find vaulted passages, porches, a fortified bell tower that will transport you to another time.


The museum of art and archeology offers a permanent exhibition on prehistory. You’ll find it in the old consuls’ house.

Back to your cottage “In the shade of an olive tree”

Thus, the visit of Matelles finished, you can have lunch at the restaurant “Le Pic st loup”, 176 rte de Montpellier, Les Matelles. It is located in a large winery with very pleasant tree-lined terraces. And of course, coming back from this beautiful stroll in Matelles and around Pic st Loup, come to rest and take a well-deserved dip by the pool of “In the shade of an olive tree” with the view of the castle of Montlaur. Relax and calm after this great activity.