Sommières votive festival

Sommières votive festival, 15 minutes from the lodgings “In the shade of an olive tree”. Every year, at the end of July/beginning of August, Sommières celebrates with the release of mares and bulls in the Vidourle, traditions of the Gard. Balls, concerts, activities for children with lots of sunshine.

This is a not to be missed, festive meeting in this small medieval town. You can also climb up to the castle, where many activities are organized every year. The terraces on the edge of the Vidourle welcome you for a coffee, an aperitif, a tea, in the shade of the plane trees. And every Monday evening, the “Estivales” are organized in the central square to introduce you to local products. Viticulturalists, producers of cheeses, snails and all other commodities make you taste their products a sound of a different orchestra every week. As for Wednesday evenings, they are reserved for the night market. You will find there many souvenirs and other articles of craftsmen to please your loved ones.

Sommières is therefore a village to visit for its old stones, its medieval architecture and its festive spirit.