Saint Bauzille de Montmel

Take a walk to Saint Bauzille de Montmel

2 km from the cottages “A l’ombre d’un olivier”, 34160, Saint Bauzille de Montmel is a little village.

Go for a troll in the alleys

Typicals. Discover its roman church, restored around 1870. Its bell reaches 26,50 meters and has 2 bells. The smallest dates from 1651.

The plateau of Puech des Mourgues

is an hill which overlooks the village. We can find there habitats from prehistoric times. There are also the ruins of an old augustinian convent dating from the middle ages.


The Bonelli’s eagle is a protected bird. 3 couples fly over the surroundings until the Pic St Loup. You can observe their flight hovering from the top of the Puech. It is distinguished by its white belly dotted with brown feathers and its dark wings bordered with black. Don’t forget your binoculars to admire this magnificent bird!

Climbing at Puech des Mourgues

It is a reference place for climbers. The Puech is exposed to the south so, it is pleasant even in winter when the weather is nice, which is quite frequent in this region of south of France. The climbing style is vertical and ideal for beginners. Over 200 lanes (difficulties 3b to 8b). Height from 10 to 25 meters.