These rules was written in french and translated into english for the benefit of clients. Care has been taken but if the translation differs from the original in french, the reader agree that the french version prevails.
Unfortunately, faced with the indelicacies of some tenants, we had, as in many places welcoming the public, to create rules, even if we do not like it and would prefer to rely on common sense. We are based on existing rules, recommended by vacation rental sites, and the result is therefore very “classic”. Please don’t take offense, if you are respectful people, which we never doubt a priori! We wish you a great holiday “A l’ombre d’un olivier”.

Departure: 10.00 am maximum.

INVENTORY between 8 a.m. and 9:45 a.m.
You can enter the desired time “rendez-vous” on the information table. If you wish to leave earlier, the deposit will be returned to you 1 week maximum after your departure, if everything is in order.

Parents are responsible for their children in the property. The children’s plays is not authorized for children over 10 years old (manufacturer’s safety standards).

The tenants undertake to return the gîte in the state in which they found it, on arrival, to declare and assume financial responsibility for any possible deterioration for which they are responsibles.

The owners decline all responsibility in the event of theft or personal injury occurring on the property. Each person must be covered by a civil defense and appeal.

With prior agreement of the owners and under conditions. They must park outside. Only 1 parking space per gîte

They do not have access to the common areas and the swimming pool for insurance reasons.

With prior agreement of the owners and under conditions. Dogs should not bark as you agreed in the contract you signed. They do not have access to the common areas. The garden of the house must be cleaned of their droppings.

We will give a special attention to the cleaning carried out.

They must of course not climb on the beds and sofas (for health reasons).

If you did not take the cleaning option: in addition to conventional cleaning, the “to do” list is provided to you on the information folder with the prices charged in the event of omission. We use a cleaning company, which explains the rates.

Please, take the sheets off. Thank you.

It is strongly advised not to use the barbecue in high winds in the summer, because of the high risk of fire ( dryness of the vegetation). Always have a bottle of water next to you in case of problems.

NO SMOKING COTTAGE (Smoke outside)

In compliance with decree N ° 2006-1386 of 2006, it is forbidden to smoke in places for collective use. The lodgings are places for collective use. So you can smoke outside, but be careful, please do not throw your cigarette butts on the property for fire safety reasons (high risks related to dry vegetation) and ecology.

They are available at the entrance to the property. Please do not leave them outside (animals) and recycle. Glass bottles are to be placed in the center of the village in the appropriate container.

– The rules can be found in the information folder, displayed on the information board, on the access gate to the swimming pool and in its enclosure. It also exists in the form of pictograms and therefore cannot be ignored.

The swimming pool rules are classic and can be found in other swimming pools open to the public. It is developed according to the needs of security and respect for the tranquility of each one. The very large garden can easily accommodate games that are not allowed in the pool area (balls, balloons, water guns, etc.).

The owner recalls: the swimming pool is not supervised. So don’t let your children alone, please.

The swimming pool is a family swimming pool and its use is strictly reserved for members of the owner’s family and for people staying in the gîtes.

All users must be covered by civil liability defense and recourse insurance.

– Opening hours: 9H30/19H30

– Minor children must be accompanied by an adult for safety reasons. Access to the pool area and its use is under the full supervision and responsibility of their parents.

– Children should not deactivate the pool alarm code themselves, for their safety.

– Fins, mattresses, boats, large play buoys, balls, balloons (even flexible or inflatable) water guns are not allowed. Small buoys for children who cannot swim are of course accepted. The garden is large and allows ball games or other games without disturbing the people who are inside the swimming pool.

– Glass bottles, glass containers, food: cakes, sandwiches, ice cream, etc.) cigarettes are also prohibited inside the swimming pool. You have tables and benches in the garden provided for this purpose.

– For hygienic reasons, showering is compulsory before each bath.

– Also for hygienic reasons, towels are compulsory on the garden beds.

– Garden beds are not games for children to jump on. Tables are not seats: fragile. We decline all responsibility in the event of breakage and injuries resulting therefrom.

– Radios are not allowed for everyone’s peace and music from mobile phones must be listened to with suitable headphones.

In the event of repeated breaches of the rules, the owner may withdraw access to the swimming pool area, without any compensation.

You can contact us by mail or phone. We will answer with pleasure to all your questions…