The bamboo plantation of Anduze

The bamboo plantation in Cévennes gardoises

43 km from the cottages “In shade of an olive tree” the bamboo plantation is classified among the most beautiful botanical gardens in France. There are more than 1000 varieties of species: more than 240 types of bamboos, remarkable plants, trees (japanese maples, camelias, gingkos Biloba, century-old redwoods) and rare flowers. All continents are represented through this diversity. Many species are unique in Europe and this park is definitely worth a visit.

A little of history

It was Eugène Mazel, a man passionate about horticulture and natural sciences, who created this extraordinary garden. In 1955, he began developing the Pragrance estate and endowed the park with irrigation canals. He planted the first specimens in 1956 and attempted to acclimatize species from Asia, North America and Himalaya. In 1890, he unfortunately went bankrupt and in 1902, Gaston Nègre bought the property and went on his work. In 1953, Maurice Nègre, his son, agricultural engineer and his wife opened the park to the public and a famous picture was filmed there: “The wages of fear” with Yves Montand. Another famous film was filmed there later : “Paul and Virginie”. In 1956, a particularly cold winter decimated the species and only the trees and the bamboos resisted in frost. In 1958, the Gardon river overflowed and damaged the park. In 1977, Muriel Nègre, her daughter and her husband, an agricultural engineer also wanted to develop the park. Since 2004, Muriel Nègre is president of the park which became a “remarkable garden” in 2005. In 2006, the bamboo park celebrated his 150th birthday. And in 2008, it was added to the additional list of historic monuments.

Attractions of the bamboo plantation

Giant bamboo forest, bambusarum (selection of different species on the site), Japanese garden, labyrinth, Laotian village, dragon valley which covers 15000 M2, based on Feng Shui, greenhouses built in 1860, the garden of Eugène Mazels ponds, floral garden, garden center (where you can buy bamboos and other plants), shop and snack bar in summer. You can spend here a very pleasant day, magical for youngs and older people. The trip is definitely worth a visit.

Back to the cottages “A l’ombre d’un olivier”

After this very pleasant day, unforgettable and surprising, for young and old, because it is a walk that can be family-friendly, you can relax by the pool of the lodges “In the shade of an olive tree”,
in the sun or cool off with a well deserved bath, to the sound of cicadas or both, of course. The important thing is to make the most of your stay and your vacation!

Contact informations

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Phone: 04 66 61 70 47