Climb to Pic St Loup

Located 18 minutes from the lodgings “A shade a olive tree” in Montaud (34160), Pic Saint Loup is backed by the first Cévennes foothills in the Garrigues area north of Montpellier. It is one of the most beautiful natural sites in the region. You can do wonderful hikes there. From the top, the view extends from the plain to the coast.

The summit of Pic St Loup rises to an altitude of 658 m. The vegetation is made up of different typically Mediterranean species: holm oak, Kermes oak, Aleppo pine, arbutus … It faces the Hortus, a slightly smaller mountain. Pic Saint-Loup is a Natura 2000 site. Its summit preserves the ruins of a past rich in history and legends. The small chapel at the top of Pic St Loup is not precisely dated (18th century). It has been dedicated to Saint Joseph since St Loup was struck off the Roman calendar in the 19th century. A pilgrimage takes place there every year, the Sunday closest to March 19. The large metal cross was built in 1921 and replaced the wooden cross that was there before. It was the subject of a belief: when the young girls touched the nail of the crucifix, during the pilgrimage of ascent, the marriage within the year was assured.

At the summit of Pic St Loup, the panorama is unique

To the south, the Mediterranean, the salt mountains of the saltworks of Aigues-Mortes, the Grande Motte and its pyramids. To the north, the Fambétou valley, the Hortus cliffs and the Vivioures castle, the Cévennes. To the west, the London basin and the Causse de Viols. To the east, the Pic Saint-Loup vineyards. When the weather is mild and clear, you can also see the Canigou mountain and Mont Ventoux.

The summit of Pic Saint-Loup

Is accessible by a signposted path from Cazevieille, (about 6 km on steep terrain at times: allow about 2 and a half hours to walk). Depart Cazevieille (parking lot at the exit of the village, GPS: N 43 ° 46’12.5 ’’ – E 3 ° 47’32.2 ’’), Medium Level, duration 2h30 (round trip), distance 6 km, difference in altitude 364m.